So I already did a short reflection on this class in my project 3 reflection, but I wanted to do a little more in depth one here because why not?
  Somehow I really didn't register that this was going to be a coding class at first. I really thought it was gonna be a class on making websites like Wordpress, 
  not coding from scratch. 
  The notion of coding was far less friendly.
  I ended up actually thoroughly enjoying the class probably along Project 2, and that's not to say I didn't enjoy the subject matter and people in the class, because I did,
  I actually loved that part the entire semester. Project two was just the point in the semester where I started playing with Twine
  and I realized I didn't have to keep getting frustrated with the complex coding I'd have to do on Neocities, I could just make beautiful pieces of Twine with less coding. 
  Safe to say, I fell in love with Twine pretty quickly, and after that point I think I really found my spot in the class. Turns out I just needed to figure out
  what coding style fit me.
  After that, creating Bound and Escape felt like a breeze (coding wise at least, 'cause I had so much trouble writing Project 3). 
  The same can be said for the rest of the course. This course has let me take my writing to places I quite literally didn't know existed and let me put Bound, a story 
  that I couldn't find a proper format for in my fiction classes into a format that finally did a piece I loved so dearly proper justice. 
  I think the skills I've learned in this class are going to carry over into my future pretty heavily, and I do fully intend to continue writing and hopefully
  publishing E-Lit pieces in the future. I think it'd be an extremely fun medium to start publishing in. I definitely want to experiement a lot much
  with what more I can do in Twine specifically, because, like I said, I really love Twine. 
  Like I said in my Project 3 reflection though, I really, surprisingly and unfortunately, didn't go into this class with many expectations, so leaving this class,
  I feel as though I was surprisngly shocked by how much I learned and how much I actually enjoyed what I learned. It's safe to say that on a more personal 
  note, I've had a not so great school year with some not so interesting classes that I just needed to get out of the way. I'm so happy that this really wasn't
  one of those kinds of classes.
  In summary (and this is where I get super sappy), I really loved this class so much more than I ever could've imagined going into it. Thank you so much
  Professor Rigdon for such an amazing class and experience along the way. I feel really bad giving you this message on such a shitty Neocities cite,
  but like I said, I much preferred Twine!